Vision2Action – The “Keep It Simple” of Business Improvement

  • A concentrated, structured and time-boxed business improvement programme.
  • Based on our simple, effective, proven tools and approach.
  • Ideal for organisations who want to take a first step in business analysis.
  • Suits small and medium businesses or enterprise departments.

The Pain

Most of us know that our businesses need to adapt faster than (or at least in line with) our markets and competitors to stay relevant, profitable and in business. Having the time, thinking space, decisions, plans and people/skills to make this happen is hard though. Very hard.

The Bigger Pain

Day to day operational pressures loom large. In this internet age, making confident decisions seems to be harder because of the masses of information, not easier. We need to keep our people “singing from the same hymn-sheet” if we are to succeed, so our vision needs to be clearly laid out, well communicated and convincing.

What To Do?

We need to improve our businesses – be able to do new, more valuable things for our customers, and reduce costs and wastage in our current working.

To improve our businesses, we need clarity – of where we are now and where we should be. We need to challenge our situation and work out what the gaps are, what needs to change, and how we can do things differently. We need to get our people to “get on the bus” for the journey and share the responsibility for the details.

How Might We Help?

That’s why we challenged ourselves to distil our experience down to a short, concentrated programme, aimed at business owners and small business boards. The programme builds on a core of effective, straightforward tools and approaches.

We also think that time and space to think – where you can bounce ideas and issues back and forth – is an important part of implementing strategy. So, we build into our programmes (even the intensive ones) one-to-one or team meetings where we invest time and our joint experience to see things anew.

Together, the tools, processes and time form our Vision2Action programme.

Get Started With Us

Take a look at the short table below to get a feel for what your time investment will be, and whether you want to do this programme yourself, or with your team. Then, give us a call on 0845 116 2364, or email – we’d love to talk to you about your vision for the future, and be part of making it happen.

If you want to do the programme online – drop us an email asking for more information – we are in the process of setting up the programme so you can go through it at your own pace using to track your progress.

Business Owner Small Business Management Team Enterprise
STAGE (1 person) (Up to 6 senior people) (Over 6 stakeholders)
VISION One day intensive owner workshop Half-day team workshop Please call us to discuss enterprise needs. We have worked with private, public and third sector organisations with up to 7000 staff and £40M t/o
STRATEGY 6 * 2hr individual interviews
1 d team workshop
CHANGE Half day planning session, with training on using our online goal tracking tool One day planning session, with team training on using our online goal tracking tool
MOMENTUM Four quarterly 1:1 review meetings Four quarterly 1:1 or team review meetings
PRICE £2,995 £6,750 Please contact us
Prices include all the initial workshops, interviews and quarterly reviews for a year, plus the creation of documents and provision of the online Goal tracking for the year.


What’s The Background

At Critical Action, we have decades of experience of helping organisations from 1 to 7000 people improve and change the way they work to help improve profitability and customer service. Bespoke improvement projects are very effective for our customers, but they can be quite a major commitment, especially of time. That led us to create the pre-packaged Vision2Action programme.

We are a small business ourselves, so know what it means to have finite time and resources for strategy, reinvention and development. We have also been independently recognised by a number of awards for our innovative application design and development work, and for our charity and voluntary work.

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