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Reboots, Puppies and Business Continuity

Business Continuity?

Time for DR?

Today’s lesson is that when you are using bootable media in the drive of a host, and attaching it to one of the guest VMs, remember to remove the media (or change the boot settings) when you remote reboot the host after updates… 🙂  This led to thinking about disaster recovery and business continuity. Continue reading

Making Improvements: Can Simple Really Work?

Simple Tools...

Simple Tools...

One of our mantras is “keep it simple“, because we work in an area that is complicated enough to begin with!

When we look at how businesses can improve, it inevitably means having to maintain the big picture (where are we heading?) together with digging into the details (as they can often be the blockers). To drive simplicity through what we do, we evolved a very simple set of tools & reports, which we use to run projects.

Why simple, when we’re trying to analyse and solve complex problems? Continue reading