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Business requirements are all very well, but things really change for the better when people are motivated to achieve things that matter to them. We often work with stakeholders and teams to grow engagement and get people on side.

individuals, teams and organisations

We work with you on goal-setting, mentoring and tracking with individuals, groups or teams, and across departments or businesses. We look to relate people’s personal drivers to the business requirements – connecting the emotional to the practical.

For larger businesses, we undertake consulting work on setting clear, purposeful goals, and helping drive and track them to completion. We work with your people and teams to help move your organisation forward. – goal achievement for everyone

Smaller businesses, coaches and individuals can benefit from, which encapsulates our goal-management experience in one web app.


examples of our work

  • Our goal related work is normally done either as part of our wider analysis and project work, or as short sessions with business owners, managers, or other motivated staff members or individuals. This encompasses a huge array of business types and situations.
  • Typically, we look to establish a view of business goals that is congruent with the individual’s viewpoint – in other words, what you need to achieve in business has to fit with your view of what’s important in the world. We aim to “get under the hood” of your business culture, and your people’s attitudes, in order to maximise the chances of delivering results successfully.

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