Monthly Archives: August 2011

Technologies Supporting Business Continuity

Office365 and Windows Server 2008R2Business Continuity is a broad church, meaning different things to different businesses. It’s also very much a people thing; after all, it exists to keep people in jobs, delivering to customers, whatever happens.

That said, we have recently been involved in designing and deploying a fair few technology implementation projects within our process and systems work.

What is clear is that over the past year, and probably in the forthcoming year, there are a number of technologies which have come of age, or are due to have some significant upgrades that should transform them. Continue reading

Can Short Assignments Deliver?

Some time ago, founder Keith Shering was being filmed for our intro video; and in the spare time at the end, the cameraman shot some off-the-cuff footage of Keith answering his questions.

In this short video (approx 3 mins), Keith considers whether you can start to make a difference to a business with just a few hours work.

Link to video: Can you make a difference in a few hours? (link to YouTube), or click on the video below.